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Redeemed Short Sleeve Angels Unaware OLD GLORY
Redeemed Short Sleeve
Our Price: $23.00
Angels Unaware
Our Price: $23.00
Our Price: $23.00
One of the most Amazing designs anywhere is this New Arrival to our line..Redeemed says it all the blood of Christ covers the sins of the world and sinners are able to reachout and have his blood cover ALL sins. The Ultimate sacrifice.IN CHRIST WE TRUST !!!! Hebrews 13:1-3 is the focus to this design. We just want to remind others to treat others as though they were Angels because some have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. CHRIST REIGNS ALONG WITH USA FLAG COLORS INSIDE OUR SHIELD CROSS LOGO FOR THE PERSON WHO IS PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN!!!!!!
Eagle Crest More Than A Conqueror Helmet Of Salvation
Eagle Crest
Our Price: $18.00
More Than A Conqueror
Our Price: $25.00
Helmet Of Salvation
Our Price: $23.00
CHRIST REIGNS FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN! THIS DESIGN IS LETTING THE WORLD KNOW THAT ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE  JESUS CHRIST REIGNS. We are MORE than Conquerors and this design reminds us of that..This is another one of our top sellers as the details of this artwork are amazing. One of our Most Anticipated Designs is The Helmet Of Salvation.A Huge Front Print With our Logo etched into the Cross & Helmet of Salvation etched into the left side of Helmet.On the Back is SALVATION etched underneath DISCIPLEWEAR & Shield logos..  Take up your Helmet & Lead Others to Salvation
PSALMS 144 GO HARD United We Stand
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $20.00
United We Stand
Our Price: $21.00
PSALMS 144 HAS ALOT TO SAY , BUT THE ENDING SAYS IT BEST! BLESSED IS THE PEOPLE OF WHOM THIS IS TRUE; BLESSED IS THE PEOPLE WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD.. If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand, And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. These are the WORDS Of JESUS CHRIST,those who have ears , let him hear. UNITED WE STAND!!!!!!!!!
MERCY TRIUMPHS 7 Scrolls Represent Short Sleeve
Our Price: $18.00
7 Scrolls
Our Price: $18.00
Represent Short Sleeve
Our Price: $22.00
MERCY TRIUMPHS JUDGEMENT IS WHAT THE WORD SAYS IN JAMES 2:13. FOR JUDGMENT IS WITHOUT MERCY TO ONE WHO HAS SHOWN NO MERCY!!! Short sleeve, with Disciple written across the chest in large font. Wear underneath surrounded by a very detailed wilderness design that has 7 scrolls coming from top to bottom. On the back is the disciple wear name and shield. Longsleeve shirt with Disciple in huge font from shoulder to shoulder with an offwhite discharge ink and Wear written up both sides next to the Disciple Wear's Shield. Printed with a gray waterbase ink from top to bottom. This design is "REPRESENTING"  How about you?
Power And Glory Short Sleeve Fearless Battle Short Sleeve 1000 To Flight
1000 To Flight
Our Price: $20.00
All Power & Glory to Our MOST HIGH GOD!! One of Our Most sought after designs printed with a water base ink on a Premium 30 singles form fitting shirt for a soft  feel. Definately one of our Top Sellers!!! For we battle not against Flesh & Blood but we have been given A Spirit Of Power,Dominion & Authority  Through Jesus so we will Fear No evil as we Become FEARLESS IN BATTLE!!!!!!! DISCIPLEWEARS 1000 TO FLIGHT-One of our Personal Favorites!!! This Design was Created  to Remind The Body who We are & what We are Capable Of Because The Lord Our God Fights for Us-Joshua 23:10.
Through The Fire Impact Short Sleeve Go All Out Basketball
Through The Fire
Coming Soon
Impact Short Sleeve
Our Price: $18.00
Go All Out Basketball
Our Price: $15.00
Just as in the book of Daniel Our God Most High is in the furnace with us & No Matter What We Will Not Serve Any other gods Or Worship ANY Image. We are willing to go Through The Fire at all costs!!!! An Impact in this world isexactly what DISCIPLEWEAR was CREATED For. Lets Go!!!! "Go All Out" step up to the callling with our basketball series shirt. Disciple Wear on top Go All out on the bottom,  Basketball and Disciple Wear in the center.
Defined-Short Sleeve Men's Football Short Sleeve Sport Short Sleeve
Defined-Short Sleeve
Our Price: $18.00
Sport Short Sleeve
Our Price: $19.00
Black Tshirt With DiscipleWear Written Boldly Under Neckline In A Offwhite ink.With The Words "Dedicated Sportsmanship In All Competition" Right Underneath.

Also The Words Courage-Confidence and Endurance-Discipline Appear on Each Banner That Wraps Around The Shield. Behind All The Graphics Are The Definitions Of The Words,Sportsmanship, Accountability, Integrity Displaying Key Characteristics Of The One Sporting The Shirt.

Whether You Are A Fierce Competitor Or Fan Of Any Sport We Hope You Are Capable Of Rocking This One To Any Event Or Place, Truly Living Up To What DiscipleWear Represents, Accountability Is Huge Be About It!
Make A Play! Football Is a game of plays so what else is there to say so Step Up and Make A Play.. An all around favorite for all  who Sport DISCIPLEWEAR Boldly letting it be known what TEAM their on...
Athletic Department
Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $21.00
Our Price: $20.00
DISCIPLE WEAR is printed across the chest in white with a Grey outline & ATHL-DEPT along with our shield logo printed in grey underneath to give this a clean and simple look. DISCIPLEWEARS ALL-STAR SHIRT IS FOR EVERY ALL-STAR OUT THERE READY TO REPRESENT!! DISCIPLEWEARS NEVER STAND DOWN DERIVES FROM THE BOOK OF HEBREWS 10:39 AND MAN DO WE MEAN IT!!!!